I don’t want happy weddings I don’t want companies sticking little rainbows on stuff I don’t want allies flooding the streets at Pride for ‘support’

I want homes and clothes and hormones and medical care and education and legal protection and access to shared history and community and safety and respect for ALL my LGBT+ siblings. 

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Miss Cat - 2014

Belém - Pará - Brasil




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Statements about mixed race people being ‘exotic’ and more beautiful, aside from being fallacious, are also problematic and potentially dangerous. The accompanying racial fetishisation is an issue for mixed race people and also for the POC communities to which they belong. It is an issue for all multiracial identities but I have come across this with alarming prevalence in concern to those of us who are part-white/European.

We are beautiful to you because we are black but not too black. We are brown but not too brown. We are European enough to fit into your Eurocentric view of beauty but non-white enough to be unusual and interesting. We are similar enough to be safe and different enough to be exciting. Isn’t that what you’re really saying? These ideals of light skin and Europeanised features contribute to the discrimination of darker skinned/non-European people.


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Got that Summertime Selfie

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then that’s totally cool

just thought I’d let you know

look the attractive human is back on my dash

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Katie Jagielnicka

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the sound of teenage girls laughing near you when you’re by yourself is literally the most terrifying thing a person can experience

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what kind of blogs do you follow

ASKED BY Anonymous.


I follow a wide range of blogs to make sure my own blog content is as inconsistent and annoying as possible

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the shade in this photo set could cause an eclipse

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